Breakout Drug Free

A program of Family Service & Children's Aid

Our Staff

The Breakout staff has a combined 49 years of experience in substance abuse prevention education. Along with their teaching responsibilities, Breakout staff are involved in the Jackson County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, First Time Offenders Program and the Michigan Counselors Association.

Shelly E. Milligan: Shelly has been with the Breakout Program for 20 years.  Prior to Breakouts merger with Family Service & Children’s Aid,  Shelly was the Executive Director of the Breakout Program. Since the merger, Shelly has been the Program Coordinator.  Shelly is married with one son, two stepdaughters and three grandchildren.

Barb VanHouten:  Barb began her career with the Peer Listening Program in Battle Creek. She also spent time with Prevention Partners of Jackson before joining the Breakout Program in January of 2006. Barb and her husband mike have been married for 25 years.






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