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Changes to the Michigan Laws

(adapted from an article by Jessica Sipperley | Jackson Citizen Patriot.)
On Dec. 10th a new statewide smoking ban was signed into law and will take effect May 1st of this year . The law states that smoking will be prohibited in all workplaces, including bars and restaurants. The “workplace” is defined as any place that serves food or drink and has at least one employee.
People are still allowed to smoke in vehicles, home offices, the gaming floors of the three Detroit casinos, cigar bars and specialty tobacco shops. Michigan is the 38th state to pass some type of smoking ban.

Michigan’s lawmakers have been working on this legislation for years but have had difficulties negotiating a compromise about smoking in the casinos — a legitimate concern, seeing as how the casinos are a prominent draw for visitors and bring business and traffic into the city. A deal was made in allowing smoking on the gaming floors, but not in casino hotels, restaurants or bars.

Businesses have voiced concerns about losing customers but the trend seems to be going the other way. The rates of adults who smoke in the country has been falling, and according to a 2006 CDC report, about 23.7 percent of adults — less than a quarter — in Michigan were smokers.

In addition, there is evidence bars and restaurants in other states with smoking bans, including Illinois and Ohio, definitely do not seem to be lacking business. If anything, the smoking ban will make these areas more appealing to non-smokers, and bring in business in that way. Many people avoid bars strictly because they will come out smelling like a cigarette. Like many citizens of Michigan, Breakout Drug Education sees this as a positive step towards health and away from tobacco dependence.

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