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New Tobacco Product targets Youth

Just when it feels like we are gaining ground in the fight against tobacco addiction, tobacco companies find new ways to market and sell their scientifically-proven deadly products. This time, they may have gone too far. R. J. Reynolds is test marketing a new product called Orbs: flavored, dissolvable nicotine pellets, strips or sticks that so closely resemble candy that critics are calling foul.

Nationally, the number of smokers has declined, perhaps due to the increasing number of states who have passed tougher smoking bans in public places such as bars, restaurants and in the workplace. This is welcome news to those of us who care about the hazards of secondhand smoke and work to keep tobacco products out of the hands of American youth. But the tobacco industry seems to care more about its bottom line. The complaint is that they are marketing their products to children based on the flavors they are using to sell their nicotine-delivery devices, making them look suspiciously like Tic-Tacs, and packaging them so that they look like cell phones.

A spokesperson for R.J. Reynolds says they are simply trying to offer an alternative to smoking that doesn’t violate anti-smoking laws and furthermore, it is the job of adults, not their company to be diligent in keeping tobacco products out of the hands of children.

How about the adults at R.J. Reynolds? Where is their conscience? This is not a harmless product, far from it. Smokeless tobacco products such as this were responsible for 13,705 calls to the nation’s Poison Control centers from 2006 to 2008. A single Orb contains approximately 1 milligram of nicotine, which is enough to sicken a small child. A handful is potentially lethal.

What if the product is used as directed?? It is still linked to addiction, gum disease, oral cancers and heart disease.

What if nicotine was made to taste like nicotine? How many people would choose to chew on that?

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